Friday, February 19, 2010

FOX, once again, rears its' ugly head

Foxes hiring of libertarian leaning Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin seemed to bring a breath of fresh air into the stultifying Republic Machine Shill atmosphere of their news content. Many of us viewed it as a hopeful sign and an act of repentance for their outrageous, unfair and abusive treatment of Dr. Paul in 2008. Now, at long last, Judge Napolitano would have a few allies at Neocon News Central.

Appearances can be deceiving; confidence men depend on it as their primary MO, and apparently so does FOX, as they have now shown themselves to be as clearly and wholeheartedly devoted to the Neocon Machine as ever.

Nothing of substance has changed.

This whole year seems to have been little more than an elaborate confidence scheme to try to lure back conservative/constitutional independents and disenfranchised Republican conservatives to return to the slaughtering barns of the Republic sheep fold. Where is my evidence?

A lot of it is right in front of our noses here in Texas. Palin (and Beck) shilling for Neocon Perry and Beck's gratuitous, abusive maltreatment of and attacks upon Debra Medina are more than ample evidence. Medina's positions are more consistent with the values both Palin and Beck have promoted all this past year than either of her competitors. That Palin has ignored Medina and Beck has maliciously attacked her shows they are in the Neocon Machine's pocket and courage of principle has, with Elvis, left the house. Why even judge Andrew Napolitano recently appeared with Perry in a 10th amendment media discussion.

Are they now all now silenced in respect to principle and made to shill for the Big Media's chosen darlings?

Near by, in Arizona, we can also see Palin actively shilling for Arch-Progressive and Neocon, John McCain against conservative J. D. Hayworth. These, I suspect, are just the beginnings of sorrows.

This is a good lesson, coming not a second too late: TEA PARTY PEOPLE; don't unite with or trust any one of these Confidence men and women. They do not have your or the nation's best interest in mind, but are in it for themselves, PERIOD! They also have no character. They will espouse the right things, the things they think you want to hear, to get ratings and make $$$, but they are employees, and as employees, they do what employees almost always do: they do as they are told. They are not, as they hope to appear, independent, unbiased, truth-seeking, courageous voices. They are in the hands of handlers; very cleaver ones. The cognitive dissonance evinced the moment their words and acts are compared expose who and what they really are. They are, in fact, not worth a single second more of your time, money, energy or support.

Turn your backs on them just as they have on us and their espoused values: grow where you're planted, work together with others of like mind, whether they be local, regional, state or national... and let these prideful, megalomaniacal narcissists, filled with the false pride of their own self-importance self-destruct, as they surely will.

Whom should you trust? Trust your neighbor, trust your local like-minded leaders, and if that works out, proceed accordingly.

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