Saturday, February 20, 2010

Medina Singled out

One thing I was careful to note about Debra Medina being posted on Glenn Beck's famous blackboard with that host of oligarchs and criminals was that she had the honor of being singled out.

I mean, she was the only person there who is strictly a local/state candidate and nothing more. Everyone else was in some way related to the Federal Government, had held positions in the Federal government, or been some how related to recent Federal issues of one type or another.

Now, why did Beck single out Debra, of all the thousands of state candidates, put her face up there on the board and slander her unfairly and maliciously by pointing at her picture while he talked about "people hiding in the hills, Nazis, fascists, anarchists, truthers" etc., and extremist nuts?

I think the answer lies with Scott Brown. He won in large part because he received outside help from people who wanted to stop the Democrat machine from ramming healthcare down our collective throat. I have contributed to Rand Paul's run for senate in Kentucky (my birth state---but I'm all Texas now!) and plan to contribute again soon.

Knowing this, I believe Beck wants to use what influence and admiration he still has with his own 9/12ers, tea party and his own general viewing audience to discourage any outside support for Debra.

In trying to destroy Debra he has exposed himself as tyrannical, mean-spirited, unscrupulous, disingenuous, a malevolent liar many times over, an ego-manic, and a puppet of some up-till-now undisclosed puppet master(s). He may have quit drinking, but obviously he's just as self-destructive as ever!

Those who are connected to individuals in out of state liberty groups, PLEASE let them know what kind of man Beck really is and what a good woman Debra is, and connect them with her great CBS interview on youtube and her interview with Judge Napolitano on youtube so they can hear for themselves what a clear thinker and straight shooter Debra is.

Power is seductive. Beck has lost his head (and maybe his soul). He's certainly lost me as a viewer and listener, and I have been a big supporter. Maybe Debra would also lose her head if she actually did become governor--I hope and pray not.

But I think she deserves a shot, and with our prayers and support, I believe she can come out clean on the other side and help lead us to a better, more moral, more prosperous, freer, more sovereign Texas.

Please do all you can to help undo the evil and lies that Beck is trying to propagate in the hope of killing any support or help Debra might hope to get, whether from within or without Texas' sovereign borders.

Debra has been singled out by Beck for the most nefarious, underhanded of reasons: let's use that notoriety to do the very opposite of what Mr. Beck and his Overmaster puppets intend, and hoist them on their own petard in the process!

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