Monday, February 8, 2010

Joe the Camel; still alive and patiently waiting!

After Scott Brown was elected those of us in the liberty movement were hopeful that Obama's Kommiekare was DOA.

Not so fast. These guys don't give up so easily.

I am beginning to fear that all the election of Brown did was make the Republicans active partners in crime. I'm beginning to fear that, even after all that has transpired in the past year, they still don't get the message the people are sending.

For months I have harbored an unspoken sense that Republicans defied Obama in solidarity, not because they were serving the voice of the people, but simply because they were angry about being left out of the process. I'm certain that was the real source of McCain's rage on the senate floor. If the past is any witness, whatever it was that upset McCain, a bad night's sleep, indigestion, etc., it was not because he was sour on big government and big spending.

I'd think these things and then I'd chide myself: "Now, now, you angry Armadillo, you're just cynical. Surely they've heard us. How could they not?"

Well, apparently they have not and now, and like Jack Nicholson in the Shining, "they're baaaack," and just as deaf as ever and ready to play ball to "get theirs."

This week end Obama invited Republicans to the table to find "common ground" and get Kommiekare moving again, so something, anything can be jammed through, put on his desk and signed----and that "something," like the Federal Reserve legislation passed by progressives in 1913, to be "fixed" at a later date.

Yea, right. It will most certainly be "fixed" if by "fixed" one means more and more government intrusion, rationing, rising costs and squeezing out of the free market and private insurers.

History repeatedly tells us that every torrent begins with a trickle. The only way to stop the torrent is prevent the trickle from ever beginning, and that means stopping Kommiekare in its tracks.

If the Republicans don't see this they're fools. But what I suspect is they're not fools. My guess is they're even more nefarious than and in collusion with the Democrats and care more about their power than serving the people.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. That is the common philosophy of both parties. Though they vie with one another they have a common enemy; the American people, especially those among us from a European, Christian heritage.

This is how both parties were disposed before the shocking events of the past year. Has anything changed in the least? Or are the Republicans just chomping at the bit to get back to the table, get in the game and "get theirs."

Now is not time to take our eyes off the ball. The real test did not end with the Massachusetts vote. The only thing resolved then was putting both enemies of the people in business instead of having one angrily sitting in the penalty box.

The real test is going on now.

Now is the time to take notes for November.
Now is the time to put the pressure on.
Now is the time to be more active than ever.
Now it the time to make sure the Republicans hear us.

If we sit passively trusting the Republicans ol' Joe the Camel is likely to get his nose well under the tent. And when that happens the rest will be history.

My bet is on the Republicans will opt for perceived party advantage between now and November. This means both parties will be working together in a bi-partisan way to defy the American people and do what they can will Kommiekare to ap pease their respective constituencies.

I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am. My instinct is to go with one of my heros in history, the Queen of Hearts, and cry out, "Off with their heads!" I believe we should cast them all out and start with a clean slate, after we wash and sterilize the scum they've smeared all over it.

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