Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Jobs Bill Exposed

This symbol from Michele Malkin's web site says it all about the newly proposed (but yet unwritten) Jobs Bill.

Such a proposed bill is just more nonsense from the Oman's government central planning machine.

Their refusal to understand or consider basic truths about how businesses actually operate and make decisions is implicit in their every lame attempt to "get the economy going."

For instance, no one is going to add jobs because they are being given tax credit, bank credit or both. No one is going to not hire due to lack of bank credit––they will find another way if they really need employees. Consumers are not going to buy when they are afraid of business conditions and possible higher taxes.

What Michele Malkin calls Porkulus II shows the Obama administration's response to the failure of the first stimulus is simply more of the same, with government as the producer, director and star of a play that is clearly turning into tragedy.

Here are just a few basic things they are missing, offered by a small business owner who is completely untrained and unschooled in economics, but who's business remains solvent because his ability to apply common sense to a bad situation has not been destroyed by having drained the kool aid cup filled with rigid, statist ideology.

1. The only reason any business hires is because of being unable to meet demand. If I were sitting on thousands of $$ to hire more people, if there is no increased demand making my present work force inadequate why would I do something so foolish with my savings as waste it on jobs when I don't need additional workers to meet production?

2. Jobs are not a cause of demand but an effect. As usual the morons have it backwards. And even when they have it right their solution is wrong, via the Fed: flooding the market with newly printed $$ in the hope of increasing available credit to stimulate demand does nothing more than inflate the value of our money, making things worse in the long run––much worse. What's more it improves little in the short run with the most meager and niggardly returns for the tax $$ invested.

3. Government judges the business community as evil and rapacious. This is their common rhetoric. Yet, they never turn the spotlight on themselves. Unbiased analysis shows there is greed in America, but most of it comes from Government and the greed is for power via exercising control over an increased percentage of the economy. This is simply evil, as the Founders repeatedly noted.

The Founders had little negative to say about business, except for central banking and the collusion of business and government. But they sure had a lot to say about the evils of government and designed our Constitution accordingly. In contrast, we have a president who, during the 2008 campaign declares to millions through the medium of television that "I'm guess I'm here to let people know that government is cool."

When a leader says that, I don't care who he is, there is only one rational response: be afraid little people, be very afraid.

Government can only affect the economy positively by getting out of its way and releasing their greedy claws from the confiscation of the fruit of both consumer's and producer's incomes. Until government shrinks things will never get meaningfully better. It will be more vote buying $$ down the toilet and the public getting screwed. Michele is right on point as usual.
A Armadillo

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