Friday, February 19, 2010

The Week Long Beck-a-Thon

This week Glenn Beck has been trying to repair his self-tained image with a week-long Beck-a-thon. The Beck-a-Thon is being offered because his arrogance and pride prevent him from doing what should be done, and which would only take a few moments of one show . Once done he could move on, instead of torturing his audience with information we all know in a poorly veiled attempt to obliquely and implicitly justify the unjustifiably outrageous things he's done and said in his senseless attack on Texas citizen/candidate for Governor, Debra Medina.

Beck must think we're stupid and are unable to see past his poorly conceived, prideful ruse.

Here's what Beck needs to do and should have already done!:
1. Tell everyone he's coming clean in an attempt to be honest with this listeners and true to the ideals he's praised and promoted all year long, but which he has betrayed in this instant.
2 Admit that he deliberately tried and has continued to try to slander and trash Debra Medina.
3. Say he's sorry and will do all he can to prevent something like that from happening again.
...and here's the all important final requirement:
4. Explain why he did it.

Beck has not only failed to do this. He has continued with oblique attacks on Debra, implying she's an anarchist, a nut case, Nazi, fascist, one of those "people hiding in the hills,' an extremist, a dangerous person who should be marginalized and avoided at all costs. He has grouped her on his infamous blackboard with the likes of the self-admitted communist, Van Jones and bomber, revolutionary Bill Ayers. But, in all fairness, to Mr. Beck's credit he has rightly said Medina is "not a communist."

Great. May I speak for all fair-minded Texans, Mr. Beck, and say, with all due respect, "GO TO HELL, you sick, twisted freak!" Again, with all due respect.

These outrages and absurdities have had three immediate effects:
1. They have poured even more rags and gasoline on an already raging fire he himself set.
2. They have continue the erosion of his own personal credibility.
3. They have diminished his viewing and listening audience significantly.

They have done, I believe, another thing: they have actually helped Debra Medina. Texans like nothing better than a good fair fight, and hate nothing more than an unfair one, and this is just what Debra has been caught up in. Beck is almost gone, but I think his pride and arrogance blind him to the fact. Back to the gutter, Mr. Beck!

The longer the Beck-a-thon continues on the sicker the patient it was meant to benefit becomes: himself.

This is where unconfessed sin, pride, underhandedness and evil get you: it's a lose, lose for everyone involved. Until Beck comes clean his message will have less and less credibility and be met with more and more cynicism. He loses, and those whom he has pretended to serve also lose. Of course, if he's been this kind of person all along I can only say I'm glad we at least found it out now; better late than never.