Thursday, February 25, 2010

Important Public Service Message

Despite the late hour I'm making the sacrifice and spending the time to prepare and send out this important public service message. I know what I'm sending is shocking to those readers of, perhaps, a sensitive nature, and for that I apologize, especially to those gentle southern belles who might, perchance, faint of the vapors. But I believe the full force and shock of actually seeing this horror is necessary to wake people up. Please, please people, don't let this happen to you. And please let others know so they too won't fall victim to this terrible, terrible fate.
the caring armadillo
Did I ever tell y'all Glenn Beck is a lying weasel who better not show his pasty face ever again in Texas? If not, well I'm tellin' ya now. If he breeches the Red River we'll kick his prevaricatin' posterior back up to Neocon Central before he can say, "Question with boldness!" The Armadillo has been listening to Beck off and on for years. I liked him better when he was a drunk: he was more honest and had more of a sense of discretion.
Down with the Clown!

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