Sunday, July 4, 2010

The burning House

They woke in the middle of the night screaming. The house was on fire. The only family member that survived was their young teen-age daughter.

Upon examination it was found the fire started in the kitchen and spread from there. The daughter who survived was interviewed at the local hospital where she was being treated for smoke inhalation. She said the fire could have been stopped, but her father was drunk. When the fire broke out he was terrified. All he could do was huddle in his bed, clutching the fire extinguisher. He was too afraid to use it but he refused to let any one else use it either. As they struggled with him to get the extinguisher the fire quickly spread.

The young girl said at a certain point it became clear to her the fire was spreading to the point no one could escape. She dropped to the floor and began to crawl through the house until she found the front door. She opened it and ran into the front yard. Only moments later the house seemed to explode.
How is this story different from the story of the present conflagration on the US southern border and the leader in Washington who, drunk with power and fearing political backlash from his constituency, not only refuses to do his job and use the fire extinguisher, he also vows to do all he can to stop anyone else who will?

Is it right that one man can allow a whole nation to burn while he uses the situation to play politics? Just how low is the character and great is the ego of the man who would do such a thing as put his own political interests and perceived good above that of the good and safety of entire states and, indeed, the whole nation?

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