Monday, July 19, 2010

Obama: His training, his thinking, his goals and the best Solution

Obama is a lawyer; lawyers are not to be trusted because they are taught a kind of speech and way of looking at reality that means whatever they want it to mean at any given time. The Sophists and Skeptics of Socrates’ time approached life and reality this way. They are the patron saints of today’s lawyers, especially those who litigate in this age of Positive Law.

Lawyers are trained to lie to the point they do it reflexively––they lie even when they don’t have to just to stay in practice.

Now, while this is the case with Obama his lies concerning taxes, as well as many other issues, are not just a lawyer staying in practice; they were made with malice aforethought.

He is in office to get revenge for “the downtrodden masses.” He believes the Marxist mantras and commits to the Marxist vocabulary, including one of their favorite and most effective collectivist terms: racism.

He tries to keep his image clean while his minions do his dirty work. Do you, for instance, think for one moment that he disagrees with Holder’s outrageous decisions? Do you think he was unaware he has social radicals and Marxists in his cadre of Czars? Do you think he was really forced into the corporate take overs he accomplished early in his term? If you think that I’ve got some ocean front property I’ll sell you here just south of Dallas.

I don’t know if the man is American or not––that’s immaterial. The important thing is his thinking is substantially UnAmerican; it is totalitarian and he is trying to transform America into a totalitarian system. He’s even willing, if need be, to sacrifice his presidency to that end. Thanks to the Imperial presidency post-Lincoln, the ground work for him doing so has been well laid.

Since so much power is now concentrated in the Executive it is mind blowing how much damage he has already been able to do. And, he’s just getting warmed up.

We are at a cross roads: we can either be pushed by endless, government generated crises and fear-mongering towards a completely centralized, totalitarian, command and control Empire, or courageously reject Empire and return to the subsidiarity of a federated Republic, with personal liberty, state’s rights, state’s sovereignty, free markets and a foreign policy of non-intervention.

Sad to say, when you see where we presently are, the journey to totalitarianism is a much shorter one than the return to the Founders and the rebirth of a constitutionally limited central government. In addition, the voices and forces for Liberty are very weak at this point, and have been so for many decades. Almost all of our Liberty has been exchanged for Government Largess in the past century.

There is a third solution. In my opinion, peaceful secession would be the best, most humane and most noble solution, with states forming coalitions with others of like mind. (For God’s sake, let birds of a feather flock together.) Thus we would end up, ironically, with part of the nation slave and part free. The real irony is most of the slave states would be those that fought for the Union (for a powerful centralized government) and most of the State’s Rights/free market/low tax/free trade states would be in the South.

While such a division may seem shocking and unpalatable for many, it’s still a lot better than letting Obama enslave us all to a totalitarian, Robin Hood-style Marxist, centralized state.

Beyond that, there's even a greater danger to personal liberty, if that's possible.

While the present Union breaking up into different political and sovereign bodies may seem hard for some of you to swallow, consider the following as a real possibility if things continue developing toward increasing consolidation of Federal power (primarily in the Executive).

As the central government of the American Union unconstitutionally usurped the sovereignty of the several states via 1) an unconstitutional war and 2) the 1869 Supreme Court decision (White vs Texas) banning secession––
ex-post facto!! (In other words, making the sovereign states which joined the union essentially a sovereignty suicide pact), so the political and legal sovereignty of the resultant consolidated American State, under which we presently suffer, is being increasingly threatened by forces determined to establish International Government––primarily through (but not only) the courts.

In other words, it could be, as the pro-Lincoln Supreme Court betrayed the true sovereignty of the states in White vs Texas, Our present Supreme Court could possible betray the sovereignty of our hegemonic, so-called Federal Government, putting us under the authority of international courts.

Think about what we’ve seen come to pass in America in the last ten or twenty years before you shake your head and say, “That could never happen!”…Really? Have you paid no heed to comments on international law by some of the Big Nine?

So, ultimately, which do you want––which is more ideal while being, admittedly, imperfect?

1. A group of different political alliances in America, which is bound to have one or more free, Constitutional Republics in which Liberty reigns, or

2. The subjects (a.k.a. citizens) of the tyrannical, Consolidated American State made subservient to the supremacy of international law, as interpreted by the even greater tyrannical authority of International Courts half way around the world?

You make the choice.

The Armadillo's 2 ¢.

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