Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The NAACP Today: A serious problem for responsible Blacks

The NAACP today is no more about blacks achieving equality than NOW is about defending women. These organizations, and many others, have been co-opted by opportunists, ideologues and social revolutionaries.

You see, every legitimate problem in society becomes a cause that gains support. The cause grows into an institution. The institution has some success, does some good, and then opportunists, seeing its success, seize control of it and turn it into a racket.

This is what you’ve seen in the big Unions, including the UMW my father belonged to as well as the UAW and the AFL-CIO and SEIU. And it’s what you’re looking at in today’s NAACP–– Government approved (and funded) racketeering, not altogether unlike the Radical Republican sponsored Union League that terrorized southerners during so-called Reconstruction.

Allied to them are the prominent Race Hustlers who have made whole careers of using race to shake down institutions––making them offers they can’t refuse.
For blacks in America who are just regular folks, who live, go to work and try to carry on a good and responsible life with their families the NAACP has not only ceased to be beneficial—it has become downright harmful. But, it is not completely useless. It’s still a cash cow for the hi-jackers, Jacobin revolutionaries, and collectivist, Marxist ideologues who have seized control and use it to increase their personal power and put more of their real favorite color in their bank accounts: green.

If responsible blacks really care about their lives and their children's future (and I know they do), they should form a counter organization that will labor to help address the real problems facing the black communities all over America––and the least of these are a few fictional TEA Party bigots (No photos were taken but I understand a few days ago someone saw one of them drinking with two leprechauns while they rode on a unicorn to Camelot).

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