Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fat Cats

Mr. Obama said he did not rise to office to be helping out a bunch of Fat Cat bankers on Wall Street.

Yet, his stimulus and bailouts did just that to the favored few. It might even be fair to say, those pieces of legislation did only that, especially since no one else has any idea where all that money went.

So O has averred contempt for Fat Cats?

But who are the real fat cats? When we compare employees of the Federal government to those of the private sector we see Federal employees get 30% higher pay for the same work, job security unheard of in the private sector, and retirement benefits that private sector employees could only dream about in the world to come. Politicians and their families get lifetime health care under a system distinct from and superior to that of the average citizen and they don't have to pay into Social Security.

So, who really are the fat cats? It's easy to figure out. Here's the way you can know:

The fat cats are those who are accusing everyone else of being fat cats. It's a story that is repeated ad nauseam: the bigots are those ready to accuse all others of bigotry, the haters are those who are constantly accusing others of being haters, the thieves are those who are always calling others thieves, the slave masters are the utopian collectivists who point the finger at others, accusing them of wanting to return to slave days.

Government and those who work there ARE the Fat Cats. It is the government, and not the private sector, that has unlimited ability to print money out of thin air and a monopoly on absolute police power. You can take it to the bank.

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