Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Proper ruling on Arizona Immigration Law

Here's the CORRECT ruling from the Federal Judge that ought to have been rendered:

Whereas honest examination of reason, history and law all conclude that the States are the sovereigns and the Central Government, called Federal, is merely their agent, and

Whereas each sovereign State, having signed the Constitutional Compact according to the understanding of their ratification committees, has the right to render judgment of Federal Law according to that understanding and nullify what it deems abusive and unconstitutional and to, if need be, interpose and protect its citizens from abusive Federal judgments, and

Whereas the Central, called Federal, government, possesses no sovereignty, but only delegated authority, and

Whereas delegation of authority is, by its nature, only temporary and conditional and distinctly different from surrender of either authority or sovereignty, and

Whereas the Federal government has utterly failed to carry out its delegated duty and assigned task to defend the borders of the Sovereign States from foreign encroachment, therefore,

The duty and right to defend America's borders, having been abdicated by the Federal government, is reclaimed by the legitimate Sovereigns to act upon as they, the Sovereigns, see fit in order to protect the property, wealth and lives of the citizens whom they were created to serve.

In short, it is the judgment of this court that it, being a Federal court, has no right to judge the acts, laws and judgments of the true Sovereigns, the states, and that in regard to Az. 1070 or any other bill appertaining to the internal concerns, conditions and relationships of the sovereign States, the Federal Government, by reason of its status as agent and its repeated criminal acts of abuse and hostility towards the sovereign States and the people of the states, can get fucked.

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