Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Mad Logic behind Government Stimulus

An animal is hungry, goes on the hunt and finds something to eat---which he greedily does.
A man and woman marry and have sexual relations and bear children.
These are legitimate means of health for the animal and fruitfulness for the couple.

Let's consider another scenario:

An animal is hungry and suddenly sees something to eat. Without thinking he snaps at it and begins eating voraciously. After several large bites he realizes what he saw was his tail and realizes he's bleeding badly––but it's too late. Rather than gaining health from what he consumed he collapses and bleeds to death.

A couple marry but choose to please themselves sexually by what has traditionally been called the sin of self abuse. Years pass---and they wonder why they have no children.

These two latter examples are analogous to a Government stimulus. To wit: Expecting to have a vital economy through Government Stimulus is like expecting an animal to nourish itself by eating its tail or to have a family by masturbating.

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