Monday, July 19, 2010

Slave/Master Mentality of the Political Left

A few years ago Hillary Clinton told a San Francisco audience that, in regard to the Bush tax breaks, "We may have to take that money back."

Today, President Obama criticized the Republicans about holding up the extension of the unemployment benefits by saying, they were hedging on passing the extension but had no compunction about "spending billions on Tax breaks for the rich" in the Bush years.

"Take...back!" "Spending billions?"

Their choices of words is revealing. The fact is, Hillary can't "take the money back" because it was not her's (or the government's) to begin with. In regard to O's word choice, the Republicans didn't "spend billions on tax breaks" because the didn't have it to spend. What they did was refuse to confiscate those funds in the form of the usual forced tribute from the private sector––so the private sector could spend what they earned.

In short, Hillary and O think it's all their money and what we have, we have, not by our labors, skills and knowledge, by their graciousness and benevolence, allowing us to "keep" what they "gave" us, or by the government "spending" upon some of us lavishly in the form of "allowing" us to keep some of what we earn.

They think they own us, or rather that the government, of which they are a part of the ruling class, owns us, all that we have, including our families, which includes the right to overrule us and propagandize our children for future use. As they see it, we are all slaves of the state, mere government chattel, and they, the rulers of the state, are our masters who regulate and dictate our lives from cradle to grave.

That's the long and short of it, and you can take it to the bank. A vote for them is not a vote for servants who are committed to do the wills of their constituencies, but a vote for being ruled by slave masters.

With them in power the institution of slavery is alive and well in America.

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