Friday, July 30, 2010

How Individuals can Control the Government (without casting a single vote)

Fiat money and easy credit, all driven by government policies, have created an economy that depends upon consumer spending for its appearance health. Businesses not only depend upon this, and gear up accordingly, but the government does to. Here's how: the government profits through taxes confiscated---oops, I mean, collected---though consumer salaries and corporate profits.

Short term thinkers may think of this a positive, but the problem with a spending based economy is that it's build upon consumption and debt, not savings and profit. Only by investing real savings and creating a superior product for less money=real profitability and a healthy (aka "realistic") economic climate.

Right now we have a false economy, a zombie economy, based upon spending and debt. This means many zombie companies that cannot really compete are being propped up by our Zombie Federal Government: the auto and bank bailouts are prime examples.

So how can seemingly helpless consumers help stop the march of the zombie companies and being building a solid economy based upon savings, realistic interest for loans, and productivity? By one simple thing: saving, saving, saving, and doing for ourselves what the Federal government refuses to do for itself: denying ourselves the free spending ways to which we have become accustomed.

This means not taking a Disney World vacation, maintaining and fixing things you OWN rather than going into debt to buy something new and scores of other things to economize.

IF Americans begin doing this in greater and greater numbers Federal taxes will tank, because the false profits won't be there to tax.

Americans are willing to cut back, and larger and larger numbers are already doing so. But it's not enough. A vast majority must concentrate upon savings, eliminate debt and practice self-denial. We must resist all the temptations our debt ridden Federal Government sets before us to further spend and go deeper and deeper in debt. Great numbers of Americans doing this will force the Federal government to cut back. In this way we need not cast a single vote to make our voices heard. We will vote with our actions!

This will be painful and require thought an discipline---something boomers never learned and were never taught by indulgent parents and a libertine society. We must learn it now if our economy is not just to appear as healthy and vital but be healthy and vital.

We are seeing the sorry fruit of the false economic ideas of John Maynard Keynes. Essentially, this means appearance is giving way to reality, as it eventually must always do. Americans must let the Feds know they are willing to embrace that reality and act accordingly, and in the process, wrestle the Feds down and force them to do so. WE THE PEOPLE MUST LEAD by our Actions!

Let's get at it!

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