Saturday, July 10, 2010

Obama, Socialism, Fascism and Small Business

Recently the Armadillo saw a segment on FOX News where the results of a recent poll given by Democratic pollster, James Carville, was discussed. The poll question of concern asked if "socialist" was a fitting term to describe Obama. 55% answered in the affirmative. In other words, 55% of those polled believe Obama to be a socialist.


What Obama is politically may be hard to pin down when you get to the niggling fine points of academic analysis. Since academics can hardly ever agree as they labor in splitting the intellectual atom let's pass on their abstract hairsplitting and settle for something a bit more workable, practical and immediate. If we do that I think we can safely say that if Obama has anything to do with capitalism at all the word must be accompanied by the prefix “crony.” It would be difficult to find a Republican of the past who is more in bed with big business than Obama, giving certain companies and banks decided advantage over others.

One of the commentators during the segment was the distinguished Congressman Dr. Ron Paul from our Texas 14th. Dr. Paul was on point throughout, but was especially insightful in drawing attention to the fact that socialism is, by necessity, authoritarian and that Obama is, by nature, autocratic.

In defense of this assertion I think my son put it best in a serendipitous response to an economist during a friendly game of Texas Hold'em. The economist said, “As an economic system I prefer socialism, but that’s just me.” My son protested, “No, no, that’s just the problem with it. It’s not just you. You can’t do socialism without forcing me into your system. But I can do free markets without coercing you in the least. You’re for a system of slaves and masters––I'm for liberty.”

From the mouths of babes.

The fact is, we have a three tiered system presently in America. We have socialism for the very poor and crony-capitalism (fascism) for the very rich. And we have a severely dwarfed, crippled form of free market capitalism for small businesses and their employees––if by "capitalism" you mean "you're on your own, baby."

It is these poor folks in the middle, made poor by Government confiscation of the Federally required tribute, who are paying for the indolence of the non-working poor on the one hand and the foolishness of the idle rich on the other. It is these working folks who are made poor because they are required to fund the system. It is they for whom there was and is no bailout––nor will there ever be. There can be no bailout for them for they are those who fund the sundry bailouts time and again. They are also the ones upon whose children future payment for our present bailouts will fall.

Related to these facts, it is also significant to note that among all the lobbyists and special interests who crowd into Oligarchiopolis on the Potomac to "get theirs" from the Dolemasters, small business (the real job providers and bailout funders) has no representation whatsoever.

The reason we are having a "jobless recovery" (aka, no recovery at all) is a consequence of the contempt, neglect and hostility the Obama administration has shown small businesses. Even now small business asks not for a "bailout" for small business instinctively knows that a government bailout equals a buyout, and consequently, a loss of the little mastery they presently have over their fiscal destinies. All small businesses ask is for "the Man" to take his foot from their necks and remove his draconian policies, regulations and taxes. Small business will do the rest––it will even bailout the politicians worthless asses.

It would be hard to imagine a system more inequitable, unfair and hostile to those who labor and are productive, to those who hope for good and prosperity for themselves and their families. For it is they, in this grotesquery some dare to call a "system," who are made de facto slaves to fund the dole, while the politicians (who are both on the dole while assuming the role of Dolemasters) are made the Rulers in this former Republic turned Imperial Oligarchy.

And what of the argument that Obama is, by nature, autocratic?––A tyrant in the making? Well, the consistency and manner of his actions and the nature of his policies provide such powerful, irrefutable evidence that nothing more need be added.

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